Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Spinning Reels Versus Casting Reels. Putting the Old Argument to Rest


Dotted throughout the vast reaches of fishdom, there are reel aficionados who insist that the casting reel (baitcaster / overhead reel) is superior to the spinning reel.

For some weird reason, I get a little sparkle in my eye whenever I hear this old chestnut of an argument. Like most experienced anglers, I have strong opinions about this – I can’t help but dive for my trusty soapbox.

Honestly, I don’t know why we’re still talking about it…nonetheless, here we are.

Misleading Generalizations
To state that the casting reel is better than a spin reel, without serious qualification and detailed explanation, is so inaccurate it’s nonsense…

There is so much wrong with the assertion that it’s difficult to know where to start to unpack it and ultimately derail it.

I’d not worry about it except for the fact that there are many anglers, acting in advisory capacities, who still strongly push this viewpoint.

This confuses the noob and novice, as well as your average dedicated weekend dangler – fishing’s heart n soul. Holding this notion often leads to offering poor advice, and taking it.

Endless Debates
There are certainly those with the best of intentions trying to set the record straight. However, I’ve read countless inaccuracies about each reel type’s applications, strengths, and limitations, that serve, in part, to compound the misinformation.

The following article is an attempt to put the debate to rest. I’ll also highlight which reel is more suited to what. Let’s get into it.

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